Our Pledges

We will continue working to make Castle Baynard Ward a better place to live and work.

boardWe will represent the interests of everyone in the Ward; residents, large and small businesses and those who work in them.

We will encourage the City Corporation to continue to provide excellent services for the Ward and will seek improvements where needed.

We will press the City Corporation to protect the interests of workers and residents and will take up issues you raise with us and seek a resolution wherever practicable.

We will work for the City’s prosperity, promoting an ethical business and financial City for the benefit of all.

We will be accountable to you and will continue to communicate with you regularly through individual feedback, newsletters, our website and regular surgeries and the business forum which we have established.

We will act in accordance with the highest standards of behaviour – selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, leadership and equality of treatment.



Working as a team we have directly contributed to:

  • The redevelopment of Holborn Circus, improving road safety and providing additional open space
  • The new pedestrian crossing at St Paul’s
  • Revision of the cycle superhighway arrangements for Tudor Street, which would have cut off sections of the ward
  • Adoption by the City of a 20 mph speed limit
  • Reducing litter and commercial waste left on the pavements
  • Tackling noise problems from out-of-hours working on construction sites
  • Planning the City’s cultural hub and regeneration scheme for the north west of the City
  • The recent step change increase in the City’s contribution to education and skills
  • Supported workers and residents within the Ward on numerous other issues and concerns


If elected we will continue to make Castle Baynard Ward a better place for to live and work, in particular by:

  • Seeking to reduce traffic congestion and disruption, especially while the Thames Tideway Tunnel is built
  • Pressing the City to implement measures to improve air quality, and to work with the Mayor of London to get the worst polluting vehicles off our roads
  • Working with the police, social services and local charities to reduce rough sleeping
  • Reducing adverse impacts from the night time economy
  • Representing to government and the City the concerns of businesses hard hit by the impending rates revaluation
  • Working with the City to help develop a thriving local economy and opportunities for the future post-Brexit


We will continue to be accountable to you and will maintain communications frequently through individual feedback, our newsletters, website, regular surgeries and the business forum which we have established.