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September 2017 Issue – 55


Those who live and work in the ward cannot have failed to notice the plethora of unsightly markings currently disfiguring the streets and walkways in the area of the ward bounded by New Bridge Street to the east and Fleet Street to the north.

These have been created by the Thames Tideway Tunnel project team who are currently carrying out groundwork investigations prior to the construction of the new tunnel infrastructure on the Blackfriars Bridge foreshore. The reason for this activity is the discovery that the works at Blackfriars are too near to a large gas main, and this will probably need to be re-routed.

Unfortunately if this is necessary the result will be significant disruption on the streets in the area due to the road works that will be required to accomplish this. The groundwork investigations will be completed in mid-October and we have briefed the City’s highway officers to ensure that all of the markings are removed by the project team as quickly as possible thereafter. Further updates can be found at the foreshore micro site at:


In our June issue we reported that the karaoke bar chain, Lucky Voice, had applied for a licence to open on 111 Fleet Street (previously Wagamama) with a terminal hour of 03.00 am, Mondays through to Sundays. Over 10 objections were submitted from local residents as well as ward members. Lucky Voice consequently withdrew that application, held meetings with residents, and then re-submitted it with slightly reduced terminal hour of 02.00 am on Thu/Fri/Sat. A similar number of objections were again received by the Corporation of London’s Licensing Team.

The public hearing took place on Thursday 21 September at which both residents and ward members made representations; having heard both sides, the licensing panel in charge of the hearing granted Lucky Voice a licence until 00.00 hours only, in line with the City’s licensing policy and the licensing objective of preventing public nuisance, as this was the key concern by all who made representations.

Catherine took over as Chairman of the City’s Policy & Resources Committee in May. Since then much of her time has been taken up with working with the financial and related professional services sector on Brexit, seeking a solution which enables the City to retain as much as possible of its current business and pre-eminence, while making space for continued innovation and growth. While there are different details on particular parts of the sector, this comes down to three key elements:

1. A bespoke deal delivering mutual market access between the UK and the EU, underpinned by mutual recognition and regulatory co-operation.
2. An early agreement that there should be transitional arrangements, to give time to work through what will be a very complex process without disruption, and to avoid businesses making alternative arrangements prematurely and sub optimally. This is now pressingly urgent.
3. Continued access to talent, so that besides developing local skills the sector can employ and move the workers it needs, and clarification of residency rights of EU nationals as early as possible.

Details of the City’s work on this area can be found on its website.

Would you like to support your local library? We are starting a new Friends of Shoe Lane Library group which will support the library through advocacy, fundraising and volunteering at events.

To find out more come along to Shoe Lane Library- 1 Little New St, EC4A 3JR- for our information evening on Tuesday 26 September from 5.30 – 7.00 pm or email or call us on 020 7583 7178 (Text phone 020 7332 3803).

Since our last update City Transportation officers have been working with TfL on evaluating changes to the junction with Tudor Street and New Bridge Street. An alternative design was provisionally agreed but further investigation has regrettably revealed that this design was unacceptable because of safety issues. At the last meeting of the City Streets & Walkways sub-committee another alternative was presented for approval for detailed evaluation. The main features of this are:

• Signalising the Tudor Street/New Bridge Street junction to enable traffic to exit left and right safely out of Tudor Street
• A new pedestrian crossing across Tudor Street, and relocating the existing crossing on New Bridge Street by Bridewell Place further south
• Closing Bridewell Place to motor vehicles at New Bridge Street but incorporating access and egress for pedal cyclists. Moving northbound access for motor vehicles into the area to the Tudor Street junction
• Removing the bus stop currently located on New Bridge Street, south of Tudor Street and replacing it with two new stops, one located opposite Bridewell Place and the other, on the north side of Blackfriars Bridge

The sub-committee confirmed their support for the proposal which will now go to the Planning & Transportation Committee for approval. If the detailed design and modelling shows that the new scheme is viable, TfL have advised that it could potentially be implemented from late 2018

Connectivity to fast speed broadband has been a challenge for SMEs and residents across the City. The City of London Corporation has been working on this with providers. in particular, following a meeting which Catherine and City officers attended, BT Group & BT Openreach have agreed to work in partnership with the City in implementing a joint delivery plan for the fast deployment of “Fibre To The Premises” (FTTP) technology providing affordable faster broadband services to both SMEs and residents alike.

If you should notice a tree in the Ward that looks dead, it is best to get in touch with us or contact the City’s Open Spaces Department. Even if the tree is within a private estate we can help. Jeremy recently noticed a dead-looking tree on the New Street Square estate and contacted the City Gardens Department. They were able to speak with the land-owner, in this case Land Securities. We are delighted that the tree will be replaced, probably during the forthcoming winter planting season. We would like to thank Land Securities for responding so quickly to ensure that the trees on their estate, which are of great amenity value, continue to give pleasure to City workers and residents alike.

The historic Guildhall Yard hosts a regular lunch market with more than 20 stalls serving up mouth-watering cuisine from around the world. Everything from Greek wraps, Mexican street food, cracking Korean dumplings and more.

Room for dessert? There are also plenty of sweet treats, including gourmet brownies and traditional French pastries.

Special Exhibition: Collecting Johnson. A special exhibition in the garret where Dr Johnson wrote his famous dictionary explores the popularity of collecting memorabilia, and the preservation of the memory of great figures from society. The exhibition features a variety of objects from some of the most prestigious private collections of Johnsoniana, as well as from keen enthusiasts who are taken with Johnsonian ephemera and keepsakes. Alongside a variety of paintings, personal items include James Boswell’s snuff-box, letters in Johnson’s own hand, and a never seen before x-ray of what lies beneath the surface of a little known portrait of Johnson. The exhibition is free after usual admission charge.

Evening Lecture: Gleanings from the First Edition of the Life of Johnson. Tuesday 10 October 7pm (doors open 6.30pm). Join author Terry Seymour for a discussion of how Boswell’s first edition of The Life of Johnson was published. Tickets available at £10 from the web-site of the House


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