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March 2018 Issue – 57


This unique new event offers participants and spectators entertainment, excellent views of some of London’s most iconic landmarks and unearths the City’s hidden and quirky history, bringing it to life along the route. Spectators can cheer on the runners with Romans, chat with Dick Whittington and maybe even spot a giant grasshopper.

The event is organized by the Tommy’s charity and will enable over 100 other charities to use the event to raise funds to continue their good works – the overall fundraising target is £4 million. The event has proved to be incredibly popular and was sold out in minutes after being announced – over 70,000 runners signing up for the 10,000 places on offer! Five historical City activations will be staged along the route at Postman’s Park, Dr Johnson’s House, Bow Bells on Cheapside, the Roman Amphitheatre at Guildhall and the Roman Baths at old Billingsgate.

Throughout the route 24 music groups will be performing numerous musical genres, and 2 stages (one at the junction of Queen St and Queen Victoria St) will showcase London’s up and coming dance talent. Two children’s treasure hunts will be staged in the City and free short guided tours will be provided as well as 16 themed cheer stations lining the route – the majority being in the City. The event will also provide an opportunity for numerous local schools and young people to be involved.

More information about the event can be found on the website at


The TTT project team have removed the old pump house and adjoining staircase and completed the new staircase and lift to the east side of Blackfriars Bridge. Construction of the cofferdam to the west of bridge is now underway. The cofferdam will allow the team to drain out the river water to create a work area within the river foreshore to enable the construction of the shaft to connect to the new super sewer.

The works require a variety of piles to be driven into the river bed including sheet and king piles. The team is using both ‘vibro’ (the preferred method) and percussive piling. Vibro piling is carried out by using equipment to vibrate the piles into the river bed, the team is also having to utilise percussive piling due to the ground conditions. This employs an impact hammer to drive the piles the last few metres into place following the use of the vibro. The percussive method is nosier and more disruptive. Each pile takes approximately 40 minutes to complete although generally only 10-15 minutes of that time will be audible.

Nearby residents and businesses will have noticed the noise from the percussive piling, the project team is operating within Section 61 (Control of Pollution Act 1974) obligations and are working with the City of London to ensure that disruption is minimized. The piling work is planned to complete by the end of this year, the complete project at Blackfriars will not be completed until 2023.


The City is currently engaged in developing a new City Transport Strategy.

The aim is to consult widely and to publish the strategy early next year. This is a particularly vital time to develop such a strategy with the City poised for ongoing growth both in
worker population and office accommodation. Many residents and businesses consistently express their frustrations to us about congestion so now is the time when you can have your say and help us form a new innovative, progressive and workable strategy for the Square Mile. The City has just launched the first phase of stakeholder engagement to inform the new Strategy.

The Strategy will set out how, over the next 25 years, the City Corporation will manage transport and our streets to ensure the Square Mile remains a great place to live, work, visit and invest in. It will be published in spring 2019. This engagement phase aims to understand what residents, workers and businesses think about transport and streets in the City. Engagement activities between now and Easter will include:

• An online survey aimed at residents and workers. The survey will remain open until Tuesday 3 April;

• An exhibition at The City Centre exploring the past, present and future of transport and streets in the City;

• Drop-in sessions at locations across the City. See the City website for details;

• Workshops with key stakeholders such as developers, major occupiers, transport user groups and operators and Boroughs neighbouring the City.

How you can get involved; please complete the survey. You can also email your comments to


Following the recent serious accidents at the junction, and the safety issues being raised at the Planning & Transportation Committee by ward member Graham Packham, the Chairman of the Committee and Ward Deputy (and City Policy Chairman) Catherine McGuinness wrote to Val Shawcross Deputy Mayor Transport at City Hall requesting an urgent safety review of the junction.
Following this, a meeting was held with senior representatives from TfL (the highway authority responsible for the junction) on January 23rd who agreed to work with City Highways officers on a joint Health & Safety audit of the will report back on the outcome.


Your ward team would be delighted if you join us for the meeting at Shoe Lane Library on March 21 at 6:00pm. The main purpose of the meeting is to provide an opportunity for ward residents and businesses to raise any questions with your elected City representatives.


Dr Johnson’s Reading Circle: Tuesday 20 March 7pm (doors open at 6:30pm) Tickets £10 include a complimentary glass of wine.

Dr Johnson’s Walks: 1st Wednesday of each month 3pm. £5/£4 concessions – no booking required – meet outside the house.

In the Garret with Dr Johnson: Tuesday 20 May 7pm (Doors open 6.30pm) Tickets £10 – includes a complimentary glass of wine. See the house website at:

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