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June 2021 Issue – 69


The work on the new step free Cathedral access from the north churchyard is nearing completion following planning permission in November 2017. The new structure comprises a new symmetrical ramp and central stair. The structure sits on the existing steps leaving them protected and is completely reversible with no historic fabric removed or lost. This is the first major external addition to the Grade 1 listed Cathedral since Christopher Wren completed St Paul’s in 1711. The new entrance will open shortly and will enable all visitors regardless of their accessibility needs to enter the Cathedral together for the first time.

The campaign for a memorial in St Paul’s Cathedral to those who have died in the Covid-19 pandemic has reached its £2.3m fundraising target. The memorial will see an online book of remembrance installed in a purpose-built portico inside the Cathedral. It has been designed by Oliver Caroe, the cathedral’s surveyor of the fabric, whose mother died of Covid-19, and will take a year to complete.

PETTY THEFTS AND ASB (Catherine McGuinness)

Incidences of youths on cycles snatching mobile phones and ASB have increased in the City and the Ward recently. The City of London Police has issued the following advice to the public regarding the use of mobile phones:

  • Be careful and alert when using your mobile phone outside travel hubs and at busy locations.
  • If using your mobile phone in the street, be conscious that when texting and walking you may not notice what’s going on around you – look up!
  • For longer calls, consider standing away from the road, close to a building or wall, so that no one can come up behind you.
  • Use hands-free mode on calls where possible.Register your mobile phone on one of the widely available asset registers.
  • Keep a note of your personal IMEI number (type *#06# into your phone) so that if your phone is stolen, you can block it being used.
  • Switch on your phone’s security features, use a security code or PIN, and consider a phone tracking application.

These crimes are rare, nevertheless, the measures listed above will reduce the likelihood of you becoming a target. The Corporation has set up a dedicated webpage providing advice to residents and the general public on the process for reporting anti-social behaviour in the City. It is helpful for the City Police if all incidents are reported, even retrospectively. The webpage can be found at:

We are continuing to hold on-line Zoom ward surgeries on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm. Future dates are July 21st, September 15th, October 20th, November 17th and December 15th. There is no need to book, instructions on how to join can be found on our web site at:

5-G ROLLOUT IN THE CITY (Graham Packham)

5G is the new generation of wireless technology, 3G enabled the launch of smartphones, 4G enabled faster browsing allowing us to easily communicate while out of the home or office. All the major UK mobile networks have now launched 5G services. 5G is much faster than previous generations of wireless technology and provides greater capacity, allowing thousands of devices in a small area to be connected at the same time which is important for a uniquely densely packed area like the Square Mile.

The reduction in signal travel time (latency) means that devices using 5G will be more responsive. These benefits will open up the potential for use of 5G networks to improve public services like parking, traffic management and street lighting as well as numerous other possibilities.
The roll out of 5G across the City will be dependent on an upgraded network infrastructure on our streets. This infrastructure is likely to be designated as a Permitted Development by the government which means that each Operator could install their own equipment with little control from a Local Authority. To prevent a proliferation of unnecessary additional poles and boxes in the Square Mile, a trial of new columns is being piloted which can be shared by all the operators. The intention is to minimise clutter by increasing the height of existing poles where necessary plus a cabinet, and where possible using the same locations.

Some of the first trial poles and cabinets will be located in our Ward on Queen Victoria Street, and these will be installed shortly. This pilot will play a key role in ensuring that the Corporation responds to the demands for deployment of 5G networks across the Square Mile to support the needs of workers, residents and visitors and the competitiveness of the City as a global business centre. The pictures show “before and after” images of the utilization of an existing 8m column with a new cabinet.


Fleet Street was the centre of the British newspaper industry for 200 years, but now very few traces remain. An ambitious new artwork is designed to “put the newspaper industry back into Fleet Street”. It consists of a 10 metre square sundial on an east-facing wall at the corner of Fleet Street and Bouverie Street.

The design received planning permission in December. The sundial is the inspiration of local resident and Ward Club member Piers Nicholson who has designed a number of public sundials in London including the Tylers and Bricklayers Millennium Sundial on Paul’s Walk near the Millennium Bridge.
The sundial will have the mastheads of 5 of the newspapers that used to be published in the area, starting with the Republican, which was actually published on this site in the 1820s. The other mastheads will be chosen to commemorate defunct newspapers established later (the mastheads of current newspapers cannot be used because of City planning restrictions on advertising)

The sundial will be a marvellous addition to the street scene in Fleet Street (and a great enhancement of this rather dull wall which has been unadorned for the last 40 years). Because it is a large painting on a prominent site, it will be clearly visible to everybody moving westwards on Fleet Street, and will serve its purpose of reminding everyone of the historical importance of Fleet Street and its newspaper industry, the project has been funded through private and local business donations and a grant from the City CIL Neighborhood Fund. For more information see:

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