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October 2018 Issue – 59


Ward members are delighted that a new flagship 18 courtroom legal centre providing world-class legal services to be based in the Ward on the site of Fleetbank House has been given the go-ahead, reinforcing the UK’s position as a global legal hub.

Developed in partnership with the City of London Corporation and the judiciary, the cutting-edge court, will deal with business and property work as well as civil cases. The new building will host 18 modern courtrooms and replace the ageing civil court, Mayor’s and City of London County Court, and City of London Magistrates’ Court. Also included in the court will be a new City of London police station. The timeline for building the new court is subject to finalising funding arrangements and securing planning permission. It is expected to be completed in 2025.

Commenting on the announcement ward member and Policy Chairman of the City of London Corporation Deputy Catherine McGuinness said:

“This is a hugely significant step in this project that will give the Square Mile its second iconic courthouse after the Old Bailey. Our rule of law is one of the many reasons why London is the world’s most innovative, dynamic, and international financial centre, and this new court will add to our many existing strengths. I am particularly pleased that this court will have a focus on the legal issues of the future, such as fraud, economic crime, and cyber-crime.”


TfL has launched a consultation inviting responses to proposed changes to bus routes in Central London. TfL is proposing to make changes to 33 routes some of which pass through or near the ward. The consultation closes on November 9 2018. For more details see: you can provide feedback by emailing the following address:


Following Emma Edhem’s election to be the new Alderman for the ward of Candlewick, in July a by-election to fill the vacancy was held on October 9th 2018. The result of the ballot is shown below.


As part of its campaign to reduce the use of single plastics, the City is pressing ahead with the installation of water refill points across the square mile. Unlike old style drinking fountains, these can be used to refill bottles, substantially reducing the use of plastic bottles and encouraging a culture of re-use as part of the City’s eventual goal of a Plastic Free City.

Seven water refill points have already been installed – two near St Paul’s Cathedral, two at Aldgate Square, one at the Monument and one in Cheapside near the stone bench at the south end of Foster Lane. In addition, there is a refill point on the back of the St Lawrence Jewry Drinking Fountain opposite Festival Gardens.
It is planned to install a further eight refill points, with a number of possible sites currently being investigated for their suitability. These include Plough Place within our Ward and at Breams Buildings, Distaff Lane and by the Millennium Bridge just outside. The final choice of location will depend upon the availability of a water supply to the site and pedestrian footfall. It is expected the new refill points should be available by August 2019.

Ward member Jeremy Simons, Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Environment Committee, said “The impact of plastic bottles on the environment is clear and it is time for us to play our part. These water bottle refill points are a step forward. Working with City firms we aim to create a true refill culture in the Square Mile and cut damaging plastic waste.”


Each household in the ward should have received forms from the City reminding you to register for both the national register and the City ward lists. We encourage you to complete and return both, so that you can vote in future elections. Eligibility is NOT restricted to UK citizens and is also open to 2nd home owners or tenants. See:
Residential Registration section for more details. Registration closes in late November.


Recently the team has assisted residents suffering from building noise out of regulated hours; continued to work on rough sleeping issues, successfully pressed TfL to improve the state of the Blackfriars underpass and assisted residents to resist disruptive licensing applications for late night drinking. You can reach the team at:


A new exhibition has recently opened at Dr Johnson’s House. It examines the genre of travel-writing as it emerges in the 18th century through the Scottish and Welsh tours of Thomas Pennant and Samuel Johnson. Using contemporary maps and travel books the complex relationship between these two influential travel writers is uncovered, a link that is seldom explored. Both men, through their writings, sparked a curiosity in their readers, inspiring many of them to undertake similar journeys. The exhibition is included in the standard House admission charge until 12 January 2019. See the house web site:


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