Traffic Survey

Ludgate CircusWe would like to thank all of the residents, workers and others who took the trouble to complete the survey on traffic congestion in the City.

We recognise the seriousness of the current situation with congestion and air pollution, unfortunately there are no simple answers but we are determined to do what we can to improve both.

The survey was based upon an options paper prepared by City transportation officers recently – your views on the possible measures outlined will strongly shape our stance on these.

The results of the survey can be accessed here.

We have shared the results of the survey with the City’s Highway officers and they have told us that they would find it very useful to meet with those of you who responded, to discuss your feedback in more detail. If you would be interested in attending an early evening discussion meeting either at Guildhall or at a location in the ward please let us know.

We would also welcome any further feedback on this complicated issue – so please don’t hesitate to email us at: