Our Pledges

If elected we will:

  • Support City workers and the residents of Castle Baynard Ward as London recovers from the Covid pandemic. In particular – we will work to ensure that Corporation policies andboard their implementation help our small businesses recover following the pandemic lockdowns.
  • Work to ensure Castle Baynard Ward remains an attractive and safe place to live, work and visit, we will engage with the new City Police sector teams to ensure that their efforts are focussed on driving down recent increases in Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) and petty crimes.
  • Listen to and represent the interests of everyone in the Ward, both residents and businesses large and small. We will take up issues that you raise with us and seek a resolution wherever practicable.
  • Monitor statutory services provided in the City to ensure their fitness for purpose, and while recognising the financial pressures the City of London Corporation is currently facing will press for value-for-money improvements where they are needed.
  • Encourage the Corporation to ensure that the City’s continued prosperity benefits all, enabling businesses to thrive by meeting high standards of social and environmental responsibility and corporate governance.
  • Support the City Corporation’s Climate Action Strategy. At the local level we will focus on introduction of more greening measures applied to the public realm and that the Corporation’s internal fossil fuel usage is significantly reduced. We will push for policies to be introduced so that new office developments maximise reuse of existing buildings, use consolidated logistics, low carbon heat pumps for temperature control as well as minimising air and noise pollution during demolition and construction. 
  • Ensure that measures to encourage active travel and reduce pollution are proportionate and promote safety, with pedestrians being given the highest priority, followed by responsible cycling and use of public transport, whilst ensuring that essential vehicles necessary for the operation of the City are still able to use the City’s roads.
  • Engage with and support the Fleet Street Quarter Business Improvement District (FSQ BID) team to deliver their ambitious projects including public realm enhancements, climate resilience initiatives and destination marketing campaigns for our area of the City.
  • In meeting these pledges, we will always work in accordance with the highest standards of behaviour as set out in the seven principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.
  • We will continue to be accountable to you and will maintain communications frequently through individual feedback, our newsletters, website, regular surgeries and the business forum which we have established.