Ward News

Tipperary Pub

Residents and businesses will have noticed that a group of squatters have recently taken up residence in the Tipperary after they were evicted from their previous occupation of 187 Fleet Street. Since members of the team reported this to City officers they have been working with the building owner’s agents to progress eviction proceedings.

We are very pleased to pass on the news that the property agents have confirmed that the squatters have been removed without issue, and that there was no damage to the pub or the internal fittings.

A locksmith has changed all of the locks to secure the building and further work will be carried out to enhance security.

Fleet Cluster Sector Police Panel Meeting

At the latest meeting PC Andy Jacks reviewed the crime figures for the Fleet Cluster. As workers and visitors return to the City crime is increasing, in particular mobile phone snatches remain very concerning. However, workers and residents can play a significant role in minimising phone theft by adopting some simple precautions which are summarised on the banner shown to the right, this can also be downloaded and used by businesses as a screen saver or notice board posters to educate staff about this problem.

The smartphone IMEI number is easy to obtain and record, for most devices simply dial *#06# and the number is displayed. If your phone is stolen reporting this number to your carrier and the police will enable the phone to be blocked so that it is useless.

The City police are still seeking additional City resident members to join the panels which meet quarterly in early evenings. Please contact me at: graham.packham@cityoflondon.gov.uk if you are interested.


City-wide Residents’ Meetings

Two meetings will be held on Wednesday 4th May 2022 in the Great Hall, Guildhall. This event will be held over two sessions, with the daytime slot booked to take place between 12:30 – 14:30 and then again at 18:30 – 20:30.

The meeting will offer residents the chance to hear from the Policy Chair, the Assistant Commissioner of the City of London Police and the Acting Deputy Town Clerk from the City of London Corporation. Residents will also have the opportunity to ask questions or raise issues about living in the City of London.


City Elections – Castle Baynard Results


Congratulations to all the successful candidates especially our 5 new Common Councilors, Mary Durcan, Martha Grecos, John Griffiths, Alpa Raja and Glen Witney. We would like to thank everybody who voted for their support, Michael Hudson for his 15 years of service to the City and the Ward and to wish Michael all of the best for the future. The results in our ward were replicated across the City where approximately 40% of the Common Councillors will be new members.

Petty Crime in the Ward

The ward crime statistics were presented by PC Kev Woodcock on the monthly Sector Police Teams call last week. As more people return to the City theft of mobile phones, laptops and rucksacks/bags are increasing inside cafes, bars and restaurants. Often a diversionary tactic is used to get a victim’s attention to facilitate the theft. Bags and rucksacks containing laptops are typically stolen by criminals standing close to the back of a standing or seated victim in a café or bar, and using one of their legs to drag the bag away for them or their accomplice to pick up and they then leave the premises. Thieves often also target areas where a number of bags belonging to work colleagues are placed together. Victims mistakenly believes that colleagues are looking after their possessions and are distracted by the social occasion. The criminals simply select their preferred bag and walk out.

The key message is to keep valuable possessions close by, and always in sight. The police also emphasized that everyone should take simple precautions when using high value smart phones on our streets, as regrettably there are numerous thefts of these by criminals using bicycles, E Bikes and scooters to snatch phones from pedestrians when they are walking on pavements or crossing streets. Use of earphones and continued vigilance when using phones outside will help prevent this.

Tipperary Update

An application to have the historic Tipperary pub in Fleet Street listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) has now been submitted to the Corporation of London. The application was supported by 24 Ward residents and the Corporation has formally acknowledged receipt of the application and now must respond within 8 weeks of receipt which is the end of March.

This application will be considered by the City Policy & Resources Committee, due to the City elections this will be tabled at the meeting on May 5th.
The application can be downloaded from this link.

Blackfriars Bridge Refurbishment (January 2022)

We are pleased to report that the much-needed refurbishment of Blackfriars Bridge has recently commenced following persistent and lengthy pressure from ward members. This has been delayed until now by the Thames Tideway work on the Blackfriars foreshore. The contractors have commenced their work in span 2 to minimise disruption, as this is currently closed for navigation by the Tideway work. A trial dismantling of a parapet section has been carried out so that some of the balustrade uprights can be sent to a foundry to form moulds for those that will need replacement across the bridge.

The main activity underway at present is the construction of the scaffold to access the outside and soffit of the span. The contractors should be issuing communications about the work with local stakeholders shortly. This will be a lengthy project which is complicated by the necessity to keep the bridge open for pedestrians, road traffic as well as river boats and completion is scheduled for late 2025.


On March 11th the Chancellor announced some measures in the 2020 Budget in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that directly impact on Business Rates. More information about how the Corporation will implement the changes has been posted on the City website see link below.



Following Emma Edhem’s election to be the new Alderman for the ward of Candlewick, a by-election to fill the vacancy was held on October 9th 2018. The result of the ballot is shown below.

Natasha Lloyd-Owen Labour was duly elected. Your ward members would like to congratulate Natasha on her election and look forward to working  constructively with her for the benefit of the ward and the City in the future.